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What is Reiki?
Reiki is the universal life force energy that flows through all of us.
A Reiki session involves the laying on of hands and can be used for relaxation, stress reduction and balancing the energies in the body.
Reiki can also help to release emotional blocks and help accelerate your body's natural healing abilities on all levels (physical, mental & emotional).
Reiki is a subtle form of energy healing that is now being used in many settings including private practice, hospitals, nursing homes and hospice work. 
It is not something new - it has been practiced for thousands of years.
Reiki is not a religion, although it is spiritual.  You do not have to believe in reiki for it to work. You remain fully clothed during a reiki session so there is no need to feel uncomfortable.

Experience the energizing sensations of a Multidimensional Crystal Healing * Session.
In early 2014, Cheryl experienced a waking vision of herself doing a healing with Crystal Wands.  She wrote down everything that was in the dream and began to practice this on her friends.  The results were extraordinary.
This session has now been named Multidimensional Crystal Healing for which Cheryl now has the copyright, trademark and service mark.  This unique session includes the use of aromatherapy and soothing music to help relax you while letting the crystals do their vibrational work to bring energy to the body. 
Your chakras will be opened and negative energy that can cause blockages will be removed and replaced with positive energy.  All layers of the aura will be cleared and positively charged.  Crystals will be placed at various points on the body to increase the body*s vibration to help stimulate its natural healing ability.  Crystal wands will be used to in a soothing motion to help release negative energy and replace it with positive energy.  Grounding will be done at the end of the session to help *bring you back to Earth*. 
A Multidimensional Crystal Healing session, although following a certain routine, becomes unique to each individual according to his or her needs.  Cheryl uses her Intuitive and Empathic abilities to *see* what these needs are.  Crystals can be changed and different techniques can be added for each individuals need to maximize healing benefits.  
Sessions are 1 hr or 1 1/2 hrs
Signature Sessions involves the use of many different types of energy healing depending on what the client needs on the day of the session.  It may involve the use of crystals, Reiki, ThetaHealing , Full Spectrum Healing, Angelic Healing or reflexology. 

New: Structural Energy Balancing
This hands on bodywork session will help integrate energy with the structure (bones) of the body. It can help you become relaxed, relieve tension and may help you with problems such as headaches and back aches. 

This is NOT Massage.  Please dress comfortably as I will be moving your arms and legs at times. 
1 hr session - $75.

 Aura Photography Sessions now available- 2 full color glossy pages and up to 23 pages of additional information on your aura and chakras.
By appointment only. 
Services at Soothing Sensations Wellness Center:
Usui Reiki,   Imara Reiki
Distance Reiki
Crystal Reiki
Hela Technique (Energy Wave Healing)
Integrated Energy Therapy
Multidimensional Crystal Healing
Signature Energy Healing (Signature Sessions)
Angelic Spiritual Healing
Full Spectrum Healing
Intuitive Energy Healing
Spiritual Cleansing Sessions (removes negativity)
Structural Energy Balance
Arcturian Healing Light Sessions
Angel Card Reading
Tarrot Readings
Aromatherapy Consultations and Blends
Aura Photography
Singing Crystal Bowl Experience
Singing Crystal Bowl Table Sessions

Services with 2 Practitioners
Reiki & Reflexology
Couples Reiki
Full Spectrum Healing
Energy Healing / Crystal Bowls
Monthly Services
Energy Healing Shares
Metaphysical Group
Singing Crystal Bowl Shares
Workshops in:  Reiki I, II and Reiki Master,  Aromatherapy, Guided Meditation, Introduction to Angels, Introduction to Crystals, Chakras & Crystals, Archangels & Crystals, Protect Yourself and Your Home, Introduction to Psychic Tarot, Introduction to Angel Card Reading, Introduction to Tarot.

Crystal Healing Certification available by taking 4 Crystal Workshops.

Guest workshop instructors will be offering various subjects throughout the year
Also available:
Aromatherapy blends, personalized to your need. Lotions, powders, sugar scrubs, sprays, soap,
Aromatherapy eye pillows, Reiki charged candles, Crystals, Jewelry, Sage, Hand made Crystal Wands, Hand Made Smudging Feathers
Reiki      1/2 hr        $35
              1 hr          $60
Crystal Reiki            $65
Multidimensional Crystal Healing
               1 hr          $65
               1 1/2 hrs   $90 
Structural Energy Balance 1 hr $75
IET           1/2 hr      $35
Angelic Spiritual Healing 1/2 hr   $35
Aromatherapy Consultation with Blend $15
Angel Card Readings
                15 min     $15
                30 min     $35
Signature Sessions  1 hr $60
Reiki & Reflexology   1 hr   $60
Full Spectrum Healing  1 hr $60
Hela Technique (energy wave healing)  $60
Aura Photography
     Short Report $15
     Long Report  $35 (includes 2 glossy photos on day of session and up to 23 page report emailed to you)
Sessions with 2 Practitioners
Couples Reiki    1 hr $120
Reiki & Reflexology 1/2 hr $60
Energy Healing / Crystal Bowls         1 hr $120
Prices subject to change

I had for years (forever) suffered periods of depression, low self esteem and an over all lack of motivation. During one episode which curiously feels like an old friend comes to visit, I asked Cheryl what her healings were about and she recited the textbook version of the holistic cover story which I learned to see thru over the years, so I knew something was there. The day of my multi dimensional crystal healing I had the wet heavy wool blanket over and in me feeling, went in fell asleep, woke up shared some pleasantries and left. Halfway to car I noticed my old friend was gone, I felt GREAT!!!! I have had other healings, but no one, for me, comes close to generating the same results. Br.S.

All I can so is WOW.....multidimensional crystal healing is simply amazing and so powerful!!! I truly enjoyed it and look forward to having it again next month! Thank you so much Cheryl!!!  MG
Had a Multidimensional Crystal Healing session by Cheryl Girard, RM/T for the first time today at Soothing Sensations Reiki, and I will be going back! What an experience. This is an original technique using crystals that removes negative energy from your chakras and aura, replacing with positive energy. The crystals are placed on various points on the body to increase the body's vibration to help ...stimulate its natural healing ability. Cheryl works on you while you are laying down, you may fall asleep and travel to another place. I wanted to sleep so bad but my curiosity kept me half asleep and half awake but I was extremely comfortable and relaxed and what I experienced was amazing. I was surprise what Cheryl picked up from my past. I just love this stuff....If you are looking to clear out blockage / negativity and more you have to try this.  A.M.B.
Thank you Cheryl, I had an amazing session this afternoon at Soothing Sensations Wellness Center, I am soooo relaxed and feel great, Thank You again, CKG
Everyone should experience a Multidimensional Crystal Healing with Cheryl at Soothing Sensations Reiki! I must say I am quite addicted and making time to get them for myself monthly. I think I went into outer space during my session!   J.K.
In this high stress world that we live in, everyone needs a little time to unwind.
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